Financial Policy

We have been subject to the same inflationary pressures as all others in our society. Although our fee increases over the past ten years have been far below the inflation rate, it has caused us great concern that health care costs, including ours, have become a burden to the public. In order to preclude a further increase at this time, we are looking for means to lower our costs. Billing and collecting procedures represent a serious, time-consuming and hence expensive process and we ask your help. We request that the full fee be paid by the time our therapy is completed, either by partial payment or at the last appointment. As required by the ‘Truth in Lending’ law. If more than three partial payments will be made, it is necessary to execute a government form.

We are happy to help you receive the full amount you are entitled to through dental insurance policies by filling out forms, sending reports, etc. Our agreement, however, is with the patient, not the insurance company. Many companies are months behind in payments, and we prefer to adhere to the aforementioned policy. If we are later paid by a third party, we will return the payment to you.